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The BUDSTA© Analytics Framework

Lasting Analytics Solutions require the integrated operating of three vastly different mindsets working together in unison to create a unique solution tailored to specific organizational needs. The BUDSTA© framework gets our passionate people ready to solve your most intricate Analytics problems. 

The three mindsets are:

  1. Business Understanding
  2. Data Science
  3. Technology Acumen

Mindset details

Business Understanding

  • Intricate knowledge of Business 
  • Value Chain & Customers 
  • Input Costs, Supply Chain & Revenues 
  • Strategic Advantages over Competitors 
  • Market Forces 
  • Key Organization Units and Stakeholders 
  • Data inputs, outputs and key insights

Data Science

  • Statistical Knowledge
  • Multidimensionality, Data Cleansing
  • Comparison of Models & Selection
  • Business Problem Statements
  • Machine Learning/ Neural Network/ AI
  • Frameworks & Improvements
  • Data inputs, outputs and key insights

Technology Acumen

  • Operationalize the Model
  • Integration of Data across sources
  • Clean Decision Outputs
  • Availability & Usability
  • Reusable Modular Blocks
  • Open Source, Best in Class software
  • Data inputs, outputs and key insights


The BUDSTA© Commitment...

 The three different mindsets bring a different perspective to the Analytics Solution that helps in formulating a complete solution. The BUDSTA© framework ensures an effective, efficient and lasting Analytics solution that meets all stakeholder analytics requirements. This is an integral part of our Organization’s Analytics Training, Value Frameworks and Customer tailored solutions across all engagements.